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Blue Sage Support offers project management as well as traditional PA services.

Some examples of our project management work are detailed here: 

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CASE STUDY: Implement new HR information system. 

CLIENT: The Whisper Group. A sports, unscripted and branded entertainment production company. 


BRIEF: Manage the process of setting up a new HRIS system and onboarding staff. 

HOW WE HELPED: Blue Sage coordinated with the Head of HR & other key stakeholders to ensure the  system was set up in the correct way for the business. We then rolled out a training & comms plan, onboarding 200+ staff. 

CLIENT QUOTE: “Blue Sage partnered with us to implement a brand new HRIS platform. Easy you might say - but not really… given the pace and complexity of the business and tight deadlines involved. Jemma dealt with these challenges as a pro and quickly became the authority on the project itself - from understanding stakeholders needs and wants for the platform,  configuring the platform and overcoming limitations, testing, to producing training materials for launch - Jemma’s drive and focus kept the project on track - she even became the platform’s tech guru in the process! 


The platform has transformed our employee operations - we’re able to automate many HR processes, deliver a great experience for employees, managers (and new hires) via their own self-service dashboard, and we can easily report and draw meaningful insights from our people data like never before.Isabel Forbes, Former Head of People


CASE STUDY: Manage the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion agenda. 


CLIENT: The Whisper Group.


BRIEF: Coordinate a DEI calendar, create educational content for staff intranet, and plan employee engagement activities. 


HOW WE HELPED: Blue Sage coordinated with the Head of HR to create and roll out a plan for the year, celebrating different areas of DEI each month. 

CLIENT QUOTE: “Blue Sage’s support over the past year has enabled us to build momentum and drive forward our diversity and inclusion roadmap. Blue Sage coordinated a cultural calendar at the start of the year and as part of this created a campaign of educational content, and delivered activities designed to engage and promote awareness with staff. ” Isabel Forbes, Former Head of People

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CASE STUDY: Coordination of Production Bible for the TV format ‘Survivor'.

CLIENT: Castaway Television Productions Ltd. Creators & owners of the reality show ‘Survivor’ – a successful TV format which has been produced locally in more than 48 territories globally since 1997.

BRIEF: Create a manifesto for licensees making local format versions of  ‘Survivor’, in order to lead thinking and share best practice from past productions.

HOW WE HELPED: Blue Sage Support coordinated with the Consultant Executive Producer and other colleagues, licensees of ‘Survivor’ and a design team to produce a 180 page interactive pdf. As well as project coordination, we also managed the imagery selection and proof reading.

CLIENT QUOTE: “Blue Sage Support was instrumental in the delivery of this project. During the six month timeline Jemma really got to know the format and understand what would work well in keeping with the brand. We are really pleased with the result and know it will help our licensees to create their best work. Having Jemma coordinate this project meant that I was able to focus on other priorities, feeling confident that the work would be delivered on time and to a high standard. ” Julia Dick, Consultant Executive Producer

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CASE STUDY: Brand Management and System Implementation for launch of new business.

CLIENT: Hair by Amina. A freelance Hair Consultant.

BRIEF: Create new branding including logo, business cards and website. Also test and implement a new booking and inventory system.


HOW WE HELPED: We coordinated with our designer contacts to create a new logo and business card.

We designed and built the website and managed the implementation of online booking via the new system that we set up and tested. This included adding all services and product inventory.  

CLIENT QUOTE: “Blue Sage Support took a lot of the stress away from starting up a new business.

As Jemma understands the company ethos, she was able to deliver a logo and website that I love and which truly represents me and my business. She thoroughly tested the new booking system and managed the inventory process, so that I could just get going with clients upon opening.” Amina Tumi, Hair Consultant 

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CASE STUDY: Focus Group and Market Research coordination.  

CLIENT: MindFolio Ltd. A global ‘analytics and innovation’ management consultancy for residential, retail and mixed-use environments.

BRIEF: MindFolio were engaged by a leading shopping mall developer in the Middle East to provide analysis to future-proof their offering to consumers, in order to appeal as a leisure and entertainment destination.

Focus groups were held to gather information and understanding as to which activities consumers currently enjoy engaging with during their leisure time and what they would like to see more of.

HOW WE HELPED: Blue Sage Support sourced and produced over 100 high quality images to represent a variety of leisure activities and created a template to present these as ‘Activity Cards’ - whilst being sensitive to the cultural requirements of the brief. We liaised with our print contacts and had all the materials laminated and delivered to the client ready for their focus groups.

CLIENT QUOTE: “It was a great help to have Blue Sage Support develop and produce high quality materials for our focus groups. Blue Sage Support was a strong partner in the project and managed the process with great attention to detail, securing a timely delivery despite a tight time-schedule.” Conny Kalcher, Partner

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