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The Blue Sage Support team is comprised of highly experienced PA's who Jemma has worked with throughout her career.

Before setting up Blue Sage, Jemma and Mandy were colleagues at the LEGO Group HQ in London during 2016-2017.

Jessie, Naomi and Jemma worked together at BBC Studios as assistants to the leadership team during 2010-2016.

Facing numerous painful printer & video-conferencing related encounters, they would joke that they would one day break out of the traditional office environment and work together in a different way…




Jessie's career at the BBC began as a temporary admin support and she left as EA to the President of Sales & Distribution.

Jessie went on to work for the CEO of Zodiak Media (now part of Banijay) and the Managing Director of ITV Studios. She has also spent time in Las Vegas as an event manager.

Jessie has been working with Blue Sage since having her 2 beautiful girls and loves growing vegetables!

                                                        NAOMI STONE


Naomi's career at BBC Studios also began on a temporary basis which soon became a permanent role, supporting the leadership team in the Content division.

Before that, Naomi worked in the film industry and spent several years working on-set in Tenerife, on productions such as 'Fast & Furious 6' and 'The Clash of the Titans' series.

She has been working with Blue Sage for the past year and loves to be outside at the beach with her daughter (when possible in the UK!)

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Most recently, Mandy worked as Executive Assistant to the Regional President of Western Europe at the LEGO Group. Before LEGO, she had roles within both small and large organisations, as an EA or Office Manager, and she particularly enjoys organising events. Mandy joined Blue Sage after having her son in 2021, and as well as keeping fit, she

is passionate about the environment.

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