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VA Therapy - How a VA can Alleviate Burn-Out in 30 Ways

Have you experienced overwhelm at work and could do with an extra pair of hands?

Perhaps you are a business owner drowning in admin & struggling to find the precious time to spend on business development, or perhaps you are a busy executive with deadlines coming out of your ears!

In this day and age we all have increased pressures in the work place - we live in an 'always on' world where expectations are high and deadlines are often steep. In this situation you must avoid burn-out to achieve your goals & keep your sanity! Outsourcing can be like a modern day therapy - it means that you can work smarter and not harder, concentrating on what you are good at. You can cut out time absorbing tasks by delegating them to an individual whose expertise is to complete them quickly and to a high standard.

A Virtual Assistant is skilled in the performance of day to day tasks. As experienced PA's, we have often worn several hats and are adept at juggling and turning our hands to most things. Variety is what I have always enjoyed about the assistant role over the last 10 years.

Whilst reflecting upon this, I have compiled a non-exhaustive list of the types of tasks that a VA can help with:

Traditional PA Support

1. Diary Management

2. Travel Booking & Itinerary Creation

3. Booking Meetings

4. Document Drafting/Proof-reading e.g. letters, creating PDF files, etc.

5. Presentation Drafting e.g. PowerPoint, Key Note

Marketing Support

6. Social Media (writing copy & scheduling)

7. E-Newsletter e.g. Mail Chimp (writing copy & scheduling)

8. Brand Management i.e. liaising with designers to create branding e.g. logo design

9. Basic artwork e.g. Canva

10. Website creation & maintenance e.g. Wix, Word Press

Office Manager Support

11. Review & recommendation of new systems

12. De-cluttering/organising of office

13. Maintenance coordination e.g. liaising with tradesmen

14. Ordering office supplies

15. Coordinating office move

Events Support

16. Venue research/recce

17. Issuing invites & managing RSVPs

18. Being the central point of contact for event attendees, venue etc.

19. Coordinating with suppliers

20. On-site registration & support

Project Management Support

21. Online research

22. Coordinating & liaising with all stakeholders

23. Implementing systems to track progress & give regular updates

24. Coordinating with relevant outsourced contacts e.g. designers, printers etc.

25. Recruitment support e.g. posting job ad, tracking responses in summary doc & organising interviews

Customer Support

26. Replying to customer enquiries

27. Flagging any urgent/critical action e.g. customer complaint

28. Updating CRM systems

29. Sending/following up on quotes

30. Coordinating delivery/courier

Feel better already?! Get in touch for a free consultation and let us take away some of the burden -

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